Aftermarket Parachute Safety Notice For Bomb Squad Commanders and DOD Personnel

The CarbonFire10 disruptor uses a parachute system that has been specifically engineered for the CarbonFire10 disruptor. The development of the disruptor parachute system took several years in order to provide an efficient and, more importantly, a safe and reliable system. Our innovative parachute system has been granted patent protection on multiple patents.

Recently, we received information that a competitor stated “We have received numerous reports of end-users purchasing and affixing third party parachutes to our disruptors.” Because the parachutes have not been engineered for use with the particular disruptor, the use of those disruptors may result in injury.

The CarbonFire10 is the only disruptor on the market that offers a parachute that has been designed, engineered, and tested to provide reliable and safe operation when used properly.